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101 Simple Ways to Make Your Home and Family Safe in a Toxic World

by Beth Ann Petro-Roybal


Paperback - 120 pages (September 9, 2001) Ulysses Pr; ISBN: 1569752796


Book Description
People think of their homes as safe havens from a toxic world, but unfortunately, this is usually not the case. This book sheds light on common toxins found around the house and offers parents straightforward ways to protect themselves and their children. It covers all areas of concern including food, medicines, household cleaners, airborne particles, and the house itself.






201 Great Questions for Parents and Children

by Jerry D. Jones


Paperback (June 1999) Navpress; ISBN: 1576831477


Book Description

This easy-to-use tool helps parents interact with their children to build mutual understanding and deeper family relationships. From simple questions about dreams and personal interpretations to deeper questions about life values, this book will help both parents and children learn to communicate effectively with each other. Useful with children of all ages living at home.

About the Author
Over the past twenty years, JERRY D. JONES has helped edit, write, or develop more than twenty-five books, served as editor of three national periodicals, and helped launch a national ministry. As a coauthor with Dick Purnell, he received a Gold Medallion Award for Beating the Break-Up Habit. Jerry lives in Colorado.





35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

by Dougy Center Staff (Editor), The Dougy Center for Grieving Child


Paperback - 55 pages (October 25, 1999) The Dougy Center for Grieving Children; ISBN: 189053403X


Book Description
If you know a child who has experienced the death of a mother, father, caregiver, sister, brother, or friend, you may have wondered how you can help. The thousands of grieving children and teens at The Dougy Center have taught us a lot about what does and doesn't help them. We also hear many caring parents, teachers, and adult caregivers who want to support children who are grieving but aren't sure how to go about it. In response to that concern, we've gathered together the most important stuff we've learned from the kids, and the result is this guidebook. The information in these pages is simple and practical and is drawn from the stories of the children and teenagers who have been on the front lines of grief. This guidebook addresses how to include children in decision making, what to expect from different ages of grieving children, and how to provide safe outlets for children to express emotion.


About the Author
Our practical, easy-to-read guidebook series is based on what we have learned from the over 12,000 children, teens and their families we've served since 1982.




400 Ways to Organize Your Child :

Guide Your Child into Life Mastery by Teaching Him to Order His Personal, School and Home Life

by Cheryl R. Carter


Paperback - 112 pages (December 2000); ISBN: 0595160581


Book Description
Guide your child into life mastery by teaching him to order his personal, school and home life.

This practical guide is full of tips to help parents put their kids' life in order. Parents will learn how to:

* Train children to do household chores
* Get cooperation from their children
* Manage stressful mornings
* Make bedtime routines smoother
* Help kids to remember their school assignments
* Improve kids' study habits
* Manage meal times better

Plus over 400 practical time management and organizing tips you can implement immediately with your children.


Reader Review:

I found this book to be very helpful. I also consider myself fairly well organized, but was not sure how to help my very unorganized child become organized. This book gave very helpful and insightful tips to help me help him. I like that it is quick and to the point. . it helps those of us who do not have a lot of time to read really in-depth books.





(no picture available)79 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

by Diana Greene


Paperback (November 1988) Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671662473


Editorial Review:

A treasury of warmth, wisdom and practical solutions that will calm the most tearful baby--and the most desperate parent.


Reader Review:

I must say that my husband and I would have had a much harder few years with our baby if we hadn't read this book. It gave us so many (hence the title) tricks for calming down babies. It included everything from watching the dryer to turning on the vacuum cleaner. Thank you, Diana Greene, for writing such a helpful book, and I hope will re-supply this book for all the other moms and dads who need some advice!

Another Reader Review:

We bought this book as desperate parents of a colicky newborn. We tried many of the suggestions to varied results. Once Cassie was about 7 months old and we were reading this book desperately, she reached out and grabbed the book and was content for nearly a quarter of an hour!! She is now 16 months and it is her favorite book. There is a baby on the cover and lots of drawings and diagrams inside which endlessly fascinate her. The little square shape is just perfect for her little hands. None of the pages are ripped (unlike every other paper book she owns). What a find! Worth every penny



The ABC's of Raising Happy, Healthy Kids

by Melody Pritchard, Gigi Tomasek-Sage, Martin Sage


Paperback - 64 pages (June 5, 2000) Peak Peformance Publishing; ISBN: 1930647034


Book Description
This book is for any parent who wants to raise vibrant, productive, and healthy children.

You will learn how to preserve your children's natural curiosity and aliveness. You will rekindle your delight and amazement of your children's genius and innocence. You will want to give it to everyone who comes in contact with your children - grandparents, teachers, coaches, nannies, etc. - on a regular basis.


Reader Review:

This is a great book with clear advice for any parent, whether you have young children, or older ones. The fascinating thing about this book is that the advice given can be applied to work colleagues, parents, friends as well as your kids!


Another Reader Review:

I loved this book because it has many simple, "how to" type instructions for parents on raising a happy family. I am an educator/trainer myself and I appreciate that the book quickly reduces complex child raising information into a usable, fun format. It also is the kind of inspiration parents need on their bedside table for those days when nothing is working. The operating system in this book seems simple, but you will find yourself reading it again to get the depth. Taking punishment out, and putting natural consequences into parenting is a courageous, high integrity way to live. The book shows us how to do this, with great tools for parents and all of us who love and care for children. Bravo!!



  The Nanny World

by H. Olivia Kittrell


Paperback 1 Ed edition Water Hill Pr; ISBN: 0965361802


"A Must Read for Every Agency Owner and Parent I have read most of the books on nannies out there. For a dose of reality, you must read this book! It is simply the best book about the nanny hiring process in print today! As an agency owner and as someone who has spoken with the author personally, this book must be read if you are hiring or placing nannies."


Review of Texas Books, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, Vol XII, Spring 1997
Olivia Kittrell is well prepared to write this book; she earned a master's degree in social work, was employed in Child Protective Services, and ran a nanny placement agency for eight years. Running throughout the book is the refrain, "Can't anyone take care of children?" Kittrell's experiences prove they can't, and this book provides a practical and informative guide for both the prospective employer and the nanny.


Reader Review (Nanny):

This book was an informatitive guide to the nanny world until the end. The book addressed many of the issues that families hiring nannies face, However on Page 158 the author draws a direct correlation between a nanny being overweight and a nanny neglecting her charges. The author continues to feed into the overweight stereotype stating that overweight nannies "overeat the refridgerator, are most apt to watch tv constantly, do not have the energy to chase toddlers, have emotional and physical problems and prove to be poor role models for children." As a professional overweight nanny who has help raise 2 sets of twins from birth through toddlerhood..this is just not the case and I take great offense. Considering neglect is abuse I would hope that this correlation was drawn from extensive studies from accreditied sources, and not the authors personal feelings. I hope that the loving, nuturing, quality childcare I provide on a consistent basis proves to mean more then my waistline to my employers.

Another Reader Review (Agency):

I have read most of the books on nannies out there. For a dose of reality, you must read this book! It is simply the best book about the nanny hiring process in print today! As an agency owner and as someone who has spoken with the author personally, this book must be read if you are hiring or placing nannies.






 Am I Hiring the Right Nanny? With This Childcare Hiring Guide, You Will Know!

by Doris J. Pick, Michelle Hadley


Paperback - 107 pages (July 21, 1998) Innovative Personnel Strategies; ISBN: 0966425901


Book Description
Who's Minding Our Children? (tm) With our book, test and background investigation you will know! Since you are literally inviting a stranger into your home to care for the most precious gift in your life, your child/children, doesn't it make sense to spend some time and money to find out as much as you can about this stranger? Don't you want to know whether or not the nanny you are considering is suitable for your children before the first day of employment? We have created a professional as well as an easy, efficient, and effective "one-stop shopping" concept with our book. It was written specifically to assist you, the parent, in hiring a nanny with confidence. Whether you are a parent hiring a nanny on your own or you are using a nanny agency, this book is a must. With 10 simple steps we will guide you through the entire process of writing the ad, interviewing, testing, and evaluating your nanny's work performance. Just read the easy instructions and complete the fill-in-the- blank forms. Two unique features of this self-help book are the access to psychological testing and background investigation of applicants. Our testing predicts several key work behaviors crucial to success for childcare work, such as dependability, work attitude, interpersonal skills, and common sense. Background investigation includes criminal records research, social security tracer, credit history, and driving record. By using this book in conjunction with our pre-employment testing and background investigation, we can help you make a more informed choice while saving you time and money.


Reader Review (Agency):

I am proud to lend my support to the kind of intelligent tool my parents insist upon. Does it replace an agency? Not for our families. An agency is not just a place to get a pool of names. When you use an agency you should be purchasing a rare commodity, expertise. The judgement that allows the placement professional to quickly separate the diamond from the cubic zirconia. This expertise, coupled with the sound scientific foundation upon which this test was created and book written, will provide you with the best tools possible to select a superb nanny for your child. Essential for do-it-yourselfers, too. If you can afford it, I urge to employ the most experienced agency you can find that specializes in the type of nanny you need (live-in or out, new or experienced, nanny school certified or college degreed, etc.). Our nannies, for instance, specialize in nurturing the gifted child. Bravo Dr. Pick! (Jackie, "I Love My Nanny", Nanny Agency)


Another Reader Review (parent):

My wife and I are making plans to start a family and one of our major concerns has been child care. We are both marketing professionals and plan to continue our carreers, but the added stress of leaving our child with a stranger has been the source of many long debates with our friends and family. We have heard countless stories, both good and bad, with regard to finding and retaining the right nanny. A couple we know recommended we read "Are you hiring the right nanny" and take the guess work out of who has the right system. They were right! This book makes a difference. It's an easy read, complete, and provides the tools to make informed decisions.


Another Reader Review (Nanny):

This is a wonderful book for family! I have graduated from "The English Nanny and Governess School" in Chagrin Falls, OH, and have found that this book is acurate and useful for both parents and nannies. With the bad rap many nannies are taking through media, I'm pleased that this book gives nannies the recognition they deserve. Many work long hours and want to be dedicated to the child and the family. It helps to know what to look for in a nanny so that she may stick around for quite a long time. The child will appreciate his mommy and daddy taking time to read this before hiring anyone to take care of his/her daily needs. You won't regret buying this book!



 The Unofficial Guide to Childcare (The Unofficial Guide Series)

by Ann Douglas


Paperback - 546 pages 1st edition (September 1998)
Hungry Minds, Inc; ISBN: 0028624572


Book Description
Childcare has always been a concern for parents. There are more than 20 million U.S. households with young children, more than half of whom receive care from someone other than the parents. So how exactly is a mother and/or a father to wade through the options to determine what's right for their family? The Unofficial Guide to Childcare can help set minds at ease with its unbiased, street-smart style and practical tools to help parents interview caregivers and evaluate childcare facilities. From assessing a particular child's needs to finding a caregiver, assessing health and safety practices to noticing warning signs in daycare facilities, to transitioning a child into daycare, this guide will aid parents as they make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.


Reader Review:

As a new mom, trying to sort out my childcare options before returning to work, I was terrified. None of the books that I had read were very helpful. Then, my sister gave me this book at my shower and it was a godsend. I felt like the author was my big sister who had gone through the process of finding suitable childcare and knew that is was hard and emotional -- so she wanted to help me out. The resources in the back of the book were so comprehensive that I didn't have to search anywhere other than right in this book! If I seem thrilled with this book, it's because I am. The Unofficial Guide to Childcare is just the sort of no-nonsense guide that mothers need.

Another Reader Review:

found The Unofficial Guide to Childcare to be easy to read and packed with details on choosing childcare that I simply wasn't able to find anywhere else: what the appropriate caregiver-child ratios are for children of various ages and living in various states, the do's and don'ts of checking a potential nanny's references, detailed advice on drafting a nanny contract, tips on finding a good teenage babysitter for evening childcare, and much more.


I liked the fact that the book considered all childcare options (nanny care, family daycare, center-based childcare, etc.) without favoring any one choice over another, and that the author wasn't afraid to "tell it like it is" when it comes to the downside of using the services of an au pair. I was also impressed by the fact that the book contained information on choosing a childcare arrangement for a child with special needs and on finding suitable after-school childcare arrangements for school-aged children--topics that most other childcare books simply choose to ignore.


The book is worth purchasing for the sample documents alone: the nanny contract is far more comprehensive and far more down-to-earth than the one that is provided in Michelle Ehrich's book The Anxious Parent's Guide to Quality Childcare (the only other book I've found that has a nanny contract), and the resource directory is the most comprehensive one I've found anywhere.


I like this book so much that I donated a copy to the local public library and I've started to recommend it to the parents who sign up for my parenting workshops.


 The Nanny Book : The Smart Parent's Guide to Hiring, Firing, and Every Sticky Situation in Between

by Susan Carlton, Coco Myers


Paperback - 272 pages (April 1999) Griffin Trade Paperback; ISBN: 0312199333


Mirabella, May 1999
THE NANNY BOOK provides all the answers you need to solve the child-rearing dilemmas that keep you up past bedtime.


Oh, to have had [this book] when I hired my nanny! I was clueless, conflicted, paranoid....Do we pay for Memorial Day? What do we do if she's late? If her perfume bothers us?


Now, all of our questions are answered in this wise, sensitive, addictively readable guide that promises to do for families with nannies, babysitters, and au pairs what WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING did for pregnant couples....In chapters from "Setting the Salary" to "Living with a Live In," the authors intersperse questions and answers-culled partly from interviews with caregivers, employers, and a myriad of insurance, immigration, legal, and other experts nationwide-with helpful anecdotes from parents and complaints and opinions from nannies (the mother overschedules the kid, there's never food in the fridge)....Working parents will want to make room on the Baby Bibles shelf. Right between the Leach and the Spock

Book Description
Hiring a nanny--and getting along with her afterward--may be one of the most important things that parents do, yet many of us approach the whole business with fear and trembling, or at least a lot of questions. Even parents who may manage dozens of employees at work can be at a loss when it comes to dealing with the person who will be looking after their children.


Reader Review:

I saw this book in an article in the New York Times a few weeks just the same time I was hiring yet another new nanny. I love this book. The advice is straightforward and there are all kinds of great stories from both parents and nannies about how to get along. The chapters on hiring, salary needs, time off (do you pay for President's Day?), and sorting out the household chores have all come in handy. If you are thinking of making a change--or are hiring for the first time--I highly recommend this book. We've bought our new nanny a copy too!


Another Reader Review:

I really enjoyed the no-nonsense approach that the authors took in this book--particularly their willingness to focus on things that can go wrong in a relationship. Not all nanny-parent relationships are made in heaven!


While I enjoyed the chatty style, the book was sometimes a little lacking in specifics. That's why I recommend that parents also consider picking up a copy of  The Unofficial Guide to Childcare--a fabulous book that covers the do's and don'ts of hiring a nanny in considerable detail and that boasts the best nanny contract I've ever found anywhere. Armed with these two terrific books, a parent can't go wrong.


And yet Another reader Review:

The relationship between nannies and their employers is both incredibly important and complicated... I found the conversational "structure" easy to navigate. I've been continually struck by how little consensus there is about some of the most basic ground rules in the nanny-employer relationship. It's really hard not to feel as if you're winging it. And I thought this book is a good antidote to that feeling. I found the tone really accessible, and not fussy. The idea of including both perspectives - of employer and employee - also seems crucial, and useful.




 The ABCs of Hiring a Nanny, Expanded Version

by Frances Anne Hernan


Paperback - 80 pages 2nd Rev edition (November 1, 2000) McGavick Field Publishing; ISBN: 0966692810


Book Description
The ABCs of Hiring a Nanny--expanded version, builds on the success of the step by step program in the first edition. A new section on resources and more forms, including a performance evaluation. A companion CD with Acrobat Reader installed. The CD gives parent employers the ability to print forms in the amount needed when needed. The online appendix... parent employers to download IRS and INS forms twenty four hours a day. A comprehensive needs assessment questionnaire helps you determine your needs regardless of the age, stage or phase of your children. Interview techniques and tips for the interview, and reference checking procedures establish criteria that parallels a nanny hire to a private sector hire. Employment based on the principles of the ABCs of Hiring a Nanny--expanded version bolsters the credibility of the nanny profession and takes the fear out of the hiring process.


Reader Review (Mark Bascin):

Would you let your cat wash dishes?

I didn't think so, that's as silly as hiring a nanny without checking her experience or references. If knowledge is power, then The ABC's of Hiring a Nanny puts the power of an employment agency in the palm of your hand.


This handbook is a one of a kind resource that all parents should have when hiring child care of any kind. The resources in the book and on her web site.. give every parent the edge they need when hiring a nanny, babysitter, or any type of childcare.


Not only does Frances Hernan advise you on what to look for in a nanny, she guides you through the entire hiring process from A-Z including what to ask potential nannies, hiring through an agency, how to word your classified ad, what tax forms you will need, and where to find them and more.


If you hesitate to answer these questions: Who's watching your children? and How much do you really know about them?, you really need this book. There's a lesson to be learned for every parent in The ABC's of Hiring a Nanny.


Another Reader Review:

The ABC's of Hiring a Nanny is a must!

Every young parents' handbook for parenting - a plain language manual with a CD of important forms. Tips & information on parent needs assessments; hiring agencies; interviewing techniques; pertinent state & federal laws; the do's & don'ts of hiring; investigating references & credentials; employer/employee relationships & contracts.


Who is watching your children? Do you really know, whether it's the baby-sitter or the nanny? Are you an educated employer of your children's primary influence -after you? Do you dread the thought of interviewing applicants for the job of being your children's nanny? What questions can you ask & what do the answers mean? Do you have any idea what the government expects of you as an employer? When you realize how unsuitable was your choice, how do you terminate the employment relationship? What really is a nanny?


If you find yourself asking any of these questions, then The ABCs is for you! Frances Anne Hernan has written a no-nonsense exuberant, acerbic & informative manual to make the job of hiring & firing more palatable, understandable & practiced. The CD containing every form you'll ever need is a blessing! I was fortunate to Interview this author & what an enlightening one it is!




The Safe Nanny Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Have Peace of Mind While Your Child Is in Someone Else's Care

by Peggy Robin


Based on surveys, interviews, and the author's own experience, "The Safe Nanny Handbook" presents a wealth of information in a clear style. Photos, sidebars & sample employment agreements.


Great addition to any nanny or nanny employers bookshelf, July 10, 2000

Reviewer: Michelle LaRowe (see more about me) from Bridgewater, MA United States

The Safe Nanny Handbook is a great reference tool for those who seek to employ a nanny or for nannies looking to add to their professional library. The book is filled with answers to many questions parents have when looking for a nanny and takes the reader through a logical step-by step process to finding the right nanny for their family. It provides personal real-life stories as well as a question and answer section that provide great insight. It also has a nice resource guide at the end that includes sample forms and helpful websites.





 Juggling Tasks, Tots, & Time (Little Books for Busy Moms)

by Cathy Penshorng, Mary Beth Lagerborg (Editor), Cathy Penshorn


Paperback - 144 pages (October 2001)
Zondervan Publishing House; ISBN: 0310241782 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.44 x 6.50 x 3.89




 Maternal/Newborn Plans of Care : Guidelines for Individualizing Care

by Marilynn E. Doenges, Mary Frances Moorhouse


Paperback - 580 pages 3rd Bk&dsk edition (February 1999) F A Davis Co; ISBN: 0803603207


A guide for student and practicing nurses. Focusing on wellness and common health problems that impact the maternity client and her newborn, but also includes plans of care identifying general considerations for the high-risk maternity client, who presents less common health problems. Earlier appeared in 1988 and 1994. The 3.5<"> disk contains software for creating documented care plans. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR



 Women, Power and Policy : Comparative Studies of Childcare

by Jennifer Marchbank, Jen Marchbank


(Library Binding - January 2001) Hardback - Routledge; ISBN: 0415239044  paperback also available


Book Description
This accessible, engaging text is invaluable for students and academics in areas including women's studies, politics and social policy in Great Britain and beyond





 Maternal-Child Home Health Aide Training Manual

by Mary Ann Chestnut


Paperback - 210 pages (June 1998)
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers; ISBN: 0781712041


Book Description
In accordance with Medicare and JCAHO standards, this essential manual provides home health agencies with everything needed to train home health aides, maintain certification, provide continuing education, review progress, and assess competency. Learning modules on specific topics -- childhood and household safety, household management, infection control, communication, and care of pregnant and postpartum women and newborns -- are included for the agency's use in training. Tests for measuring competency are provided, as are educational handouts for both the home health aide and the client. A complete appendices contains personnel records, competency tests, and clinical records for the agency and its employees to use for training, review, documentation and easy reference.


Book Info
Skills guide for home nursing care of mothers and infants. Discusses Medicare and JCAHO standards, risk assessment, infection control, and more. Step-by-step coverage of essential skills. Outline format. Three-hole punched with perforated pages. Softcover.




 Child Health Nursing: Care of the Child and Family (Book with CD-ROM for Windows)

by Adele Pillitteri

This text views child healthcare as a continuum of knowledge from the prenatal period through adolescence.


Pillitteri (nursing, U. of Southern California) provides a progressive, in-depth discussion of the many facets of child health nursing, while promoting a sensitive, holistic outlook on nursing practice. Following an introductory unit, 32 additional chapters discuss the nursing role in health promotion for the childrearing family, in supporting the health of ill children and their families, and in restoring and maintaining the health of children and families with physiologic and mental health disorders. Contains empowering the family information boxes, and many color photographs and charts. The included CD-ROM contains multiple-choice NCLEX-style questions and feedback for answers. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR


Book Info

Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles. Textbook on the nursing care of children. Emphasizes patient/family education, national health goals, individual care, and the changing areas of practice. Colorful format. For nursing students. DNLM: Nursing Care--in infancy & childhood.




 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

by Thomas W. Phelan Ph.D.


Paperback - 175 pages 2nd Rev edition (March 1996)

Child Management; ISBN: 0963386190


Other Editions: Audio Cassette


Previously available as a booklet in conjunction with a workshop and as a video, clinical psychologist Phelan's simple, effective child-management program has now been issued as a trade paperback. The gist of the plan is to enable parents to discipline children, ages 2 to 12, by instituting a system of counting and time-outs, delivered straightforwardly and unemotionally. How the regimen is used to stop undesirable behavior, stimulate desirable conduct, and cope with children's testing is conveyed in Phelan's candid style, filled with common sense, concrete examples, and lots of reassuring humor. Time-and parent-tested, the methods are applied in identifiable situations (pouting, bedtime, dressing) as well in the all-too familiar incidences of children testing and manipulating their elders. Best of all, the method enables parents to control their kids without yelling . . . or worse. In addition, Phelan covers homework, active listening, self-esteem, behavior in public, and the use of his method in schools. An excellent, workable, and supportive resource for parents and educators. Irene Wood


Midwest Book Review
This newly revised second edition provides a fine coverage of effective discipline choices to be used on children ages 1-12. From handling sibling rivalry and arguing to avoiding self-defeating syndromes and reactions, this covers everything from home to public behavior, providing parents with plenty of solid tips which work.


Reader Review:

This book saved me a lot of grief with my son who has ADHD. What's magic is twofold:


1. A parent is reinforced in his or her own rightful parental power to make decisions and to discipline their child. Learning that you don't have to argue with your child saves a lot of unnecessary stress.


2. It's amazing how such a benign consequence to a child's behavior could be so powerful--the child being sent to their room (full of toys and books) for just 5 minutes. But the magic occurs because of the consistency--that is the key.


Strategies for start behaviors (things you want kids to do, like pick up their shoes), and stop behaviors (things you want kids to stop doing) are discussed, all based on the 1-2-3 go to your room.


This methods in this book are kind to the child, and kind to the parent--stops the yelling, arguing, hitting. Some of the behavioral methods I tried before required lots of record keeping, charts, etc. (and didn't work nearly as quickly and well), and this is so exquisitely simple. I also recommend the tape, as it demonstrates some common household scenarios.


Another Reader Review:

Maybe I'm too old fashioned, but I'd rather not have to tell my children anything 3 times. I like to have my kids listen to me the first time I tell them to do something. When one of my kids is having a public tantrum I want it to stop NOW, not after I give three warnings. There's something strange about calmly saying "That’s 1." to a child who is engaged in intentional misbehavior. It's like saying "You have three more warnings before you have to stop." I also think that kids need to learn from their mistakes. Saying "That's two" doesn't teach anything. I'd rather use more descriptive explaining so they can learn how to behave in the future. If you want some instructions on using positive parenting skills and raising kids who behave the FIRST time you tell them to try this book: Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading.

And another Reader Review:

As a school guidance counselor I highly recommend this book often to both parents and teachers. I am planning to use this book as an example when teaching a Parenting Class. It is easy for busy parents to read and has helpful suggestions that you can put into use immediately.




(no picture available)  101 Educational Conversations With Your Kindergartner-1St Grader

by Vito Perrone


Paperback Reprint edition (October 1992) Chelsea House Publishing; ISBN: 0791019810




Early Childhood Development Resources

Barrett, K.C. et al. Child Development, Westerville, Ohio: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1995.

Bassett, Monica M., The Professional Nanny, Albany, NY: Delmar Publishers, 1998.

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Delmar Publishers, 3 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12212-5015,,
(800) 477-3692 (toll free). Send for other early childhood books.

Gestwicki, Carol, Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum and Development in Early Education, 2E, Albany, NY: Delmar Publishers, 1999.

Koralek, D.G., Colker, L.J., Dodge, D.T., The What, Why, and How of High-Quality Early Childhood Education: A Guide for On-Site Supervision, Washington, D.C.: National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1995.

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), Young Children, a monthly publication included in Membership. A valuable resource for child care providers. Send for a catalogue of books, videos, and other early childhood resources: 1509 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036-1426, (202) 232-8777 or (800) 424-2460 (toll free).

Redleaf Press, A division of Resources for Child Caring, 450 N. Syndicate, Suite 5, St. Paul, MN 55104-4125,, (800) 423-8309 (toll free). Catalogue has a variety of resources about high quality child care.


Special Needs Resources


ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder, by Glenn Hunsucker, Forresst Publishing, $12.95 ISBN # 09619650-0-2. A resource, which gives examples of situations, outlines medication choices and an overall view of ADD.

A Parent's Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders, by Lisa J. Bain, Dell Publishing, $12.95 ISBN # 0-440-50639-5. Easy to read book with checklists to determine the possibility of a child having ADD.

Beyond Ritalin, by Dr. Mary Ann Block, Harper, $13.00 ISBN # 0-06-097725-6. This is another source of information about Ritalin, Gives a little more pros and cons of using the drug and it's effects and side effects.

How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children - Practical Techniques, Strategies and Interventions for Helping Children with Attention Problems and Hyperactivity, by Sandra F. Rief, The Center for Applied Reached, $27.95 ISBN # 0-87628-413-6. This resource focuses on school age children. Different ways for teachers to approach children so they may learn. Very in-depth resource.

Living With ADHD- A Practical Guide to Coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, by Rebecca Hajander, CPNP, and MPH, Institute for Research and Education, $9.95 ISBN # 1-884153-08-9. A very good basic resource for those who have been diagnosed with ADHD. This book discusses living with the disorder, medication choices and life in a school and home setting. The book includes a sample letter from the parents to the school nurse and /or teacher. Discusses building a child's self-esteem and feelings of achievement.

Maybe You Know My Kid - A Parents' Guide to Identifying, Understanding and Helping Your Child with Attention-Deficit, by Mart Fowler, Carol Publishing Group, $12.95 ISBN # 1-55972-209-6. This book discusses issues from infancy and goes through age 5. It also touches on diagnosing ADHD, managing the disorder and teen and adult years.

The Misunderstood Child - A guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities, by Larry B. Silver, M.D. TAB Books, $9.95 ISBN # 0-8306-2837-1. A very good book for school age children and their parents. There is a lot of medical terminology and explanations. Contains a lot of very good information about a lot of issues. Like handling anger, social problems and where to go for testing and how to manage behavior. (This was placed here because the information is mainly about ADD and ADHD related.)

No More Ritalin - Treating ADHD Without Drugs, by Dr. Mary Ann Block, Kensington Books, $5.99 ISBN 1-57566-126-8. A Resource for those who question whether putting a child on Ritalin is appropriate for themThe Survival Guide for Kids with LDs, by Gary Fisher, Ph. D and Rhoda

Cummings, Ed. D., Free Spirit Publishing Inc. $9.95 ISBN # 0-915793-18-0. This book contains some very good information for children, parents and caregivers. It is written in a way that is easy to understand. It is a child friendly resource. The book talks about a child's feelings of low self-esteem, how to handle anger and what a learning disability is.

Teaching the Tiger - A Handbook for Individuals Involved in the Education of Students with Attention Deficit Disorders, Touretts Syndrome or Obsessive - Compulsive Disorders, by Marilyn P. Dornbush, Ph.D., Hope Press $ 19.95 ISBN # 1878267345.

Unfilled Potential - The A.D.D. Child as an Adult, by Glen Huscker, Forresst Publishing, $ 12.95 ISBN # 0-9619650-1-0. A unique book, which discusses ADD in adults, the many facets of ADD and life, job and relationship, issues.

Your Child and A.D.H.D. by Parent Club, Compass Labs, Inc., $ 9.99 ISBN #0-86573- 21-6. This book is a must for nannies, parents and caregivers that want a basic book about A.D.H.D. The book has information about testing, medication and communicating with teachers



Asperger's Syndrome - A Guide for Parents and Professionals, by Tony Attwood, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, $8.95 ISBN # 1-85302-577-1. A very good resource explains this mild form of autism very well.

Asperger Syndrome - A Practical Guide for Teachers by Val Cumine, Julia Learch and Gil Stevenson, David Fulton Publishers, $ 19.85 ISBN # 1-85346-499-6. This book contains historical background on the Syndrome and the person who discovered it. The book also contains very good information for nannies, parents, caregivers and teachers.

Children with Autism - A Parents' Guide, edited by Michael D. Powers, Psy.D., Woodbine House, $ 17.95 ISBN #1-890627-04-6. This book reviews the many different aspects of autism. How a child, with autism, may effect the family and how things may change as the child gets older. A very good reference for parents, nannies and caregivers.



Come Sit by Me, by Margaret Merrifield M.D., Stoddart Kids, $ 5.50 ISBN # 0-7737-5958-1. A little boy in school has HIV/Aids and the reaction of his classmates and their parents. The topic is handled very well after some education.

Even Little Kids Get Diabetes, by Connie White Pirner, Albert Whitman & Company, $5.95. ISBN # 0-8075-2159-0. A realistic book about juvenile diabetes. Well written and has great illustrations.

I Have a Sister My Sister is Deaf, by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson, Harper Collins Publishers, $5.95 ISBN # 0-06-443059-6 ages 5-8. A wonderful story about an older sister and how she lives and plays with her younger sister, who is deaf. Well written.

Putting on the Brakes - A Young People's Guide To Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, by Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Magination Press, $ 9.95 ISBN # 0-945354-32-0 Ages 8-13. Well written and easy to understand. A very good resource for young people. The author makes a very good connection with the reader.

Signing Is Fun - A Child's Introduction To the Basics of Sign Language, by Mickey Flodin, Perigee Books, $9 ISBN # 0-399-52173-9. A fun book of first signs. They are interesting and easy to understand.

Taking Diabetes to School, by Kim Gosselin, JayJo Books, LLC. $11.95 ISBN # 1-8911383-00-0 Ages 5-10. A boy who has diabetes and what his school life is like. Talks about testing his blood and having to eat something if he feels he needs to. Well written and easy to understand.

Views From Our Shoes - Growing Up With A Brother Or Sister With Special Needs, edited by Donald Meyer, Woodbine House, $14.95 ISBN # 0-933149-98-0 Ages 8+. A series of stories by children whose siblings have special needs.



Gifted Children, by Parent Club, Creative Publishing International, $9.99 ISBN # 0-86573-448-8. A good resource for parents who believe they have a true gifted child. This book talks about some of the challenge parents and children may face, from peers and the school system.

The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids - How to Understand, Live With, and Stick Up For Your Gifted Child, by Sally Yahnke Walker, Free Spirit Publishing, INC., $10.95 ISBN #0-915793-28-8. This book givers the reader an insight into what makes up a gifted child and some unique problems they and their parents may face. There are many topics that are covered. There is information for and about young children and teens.

The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide For Ages 10 & under, by Judy Galbraith, M.A., Free Spirit Publishing, Inc, $9.95 ISBN # 1-57542-053-8. A great source for older children. This book is very interesting and informative, it gives children some ideas on how to deal with their gift at home and at school.

Helping the Gifted Child Soar, A Practical Guild for Parents and Teachers, by Carol A. Strip, Ph.D., Gifted Psychology Press, Inc., $ 12.95 ISBN # 0-910707-41-3. An informative book for parents who may be struggling with the idea of having a gifted child. What does it mean and how can the parents and teachers support the child?



BABIES - With Down syndrome - A New Parent's Guide, edited by Karen Stray- undersen, Woodbine House, $ 15.95 ISBN # 0-933149-64-6. A very good comprehensive book about Downs Syndrome. This book contains information from infancy through school age. This reference is a must for parents, nannies and caregivers of a child with Downs Syndrome.

The Child with Special Needs, by Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Perseus Books, $
27. ISBN # 0-201-40726-4. Childhood Speech, Language and Listening Problems - What Every Parent Should Know, by Patricia M. Hamaguchi, John Wiley and Sons, INC., $14.95 ISBN # 0-471-03413-4. A very good resource which explains different types of
speech, language and learning problems. Written in language that is easy to

Late - Talking Children, by Thomas Sowell, Basic Books. $14 ISBN # 0-465-03835-2. Case studies and information about children who talk late. Being a late talker doesn't mean a child has a low IQ.

Learning Disabilities, by Parent Club, Creative Publishing International, INC., $9.99. ISBN # 0-86573-447-X. A step-by-step explanation of what LDs is symptoms and causes and how to navigate the school system. Also gives ideas on how children can help themselves.

Learning Disabilities and Your Child - A Survival Handbook, by Lawrence J. Greene, Ballantine Books, $12 ISBN # 0-449-90253-6. A very good resource for parents and caregivers. This book addresses many different issues that a child with a learning problem may face.

Learning to Learn - If Your Child has Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Language Based Learning Problems, Delayed Reading, Spelling, Writing and Study Skills You Must Read This Book, by Carolyn Olivier and Rosemary F. Bowler, Fireside, $12 ISBN # 0-684-80990-7. A book for school age children and their parents. Gives guidelines for ways to adapt to a learning challenge and provides ideas for improving in troubled areas.

Negotiating the Special Education Maze - A Guide for Parents and teachers, by Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood and Deidre Hayden, Woodbine House, Inc., $ 16.95, ISBN # 0-933149-72-7. This is an excellent resource for parents who have a child who is in school or about to be in school. This book is very well written. This book gives information for infants receiving early intervention through teen's transitioning out of high school.

The Out-of-Sync Child - Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.D., The Berkley Publishing Group, $14 ISBN # 0-399-52386-3. A very good book. Discusses the many issues and facets which a child with this dysfunction may exhibit. The light may go on for many parents and caregivers after reading this book.Sensory Integration and The Child, by A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., Western
Psychological Services, $25.95 ISBN # 0-87424-158-8. An Excellent source
explains sensory integration issues in a very common way. Very easy to grasp
and understand. Gives the reader a look into what a child with sensory
issues may think, feel or go through. (This maybe a hard to find source, but
it's a very good one.)

Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success, by Marshall P. Duke, Ph.D., Stephen Nowick, Jr. Ph. D. and Elisabeth A. Martin, M. Ed., Peachtree Publishers, LTD. $14.95 ISBN # 1-56145-126-6. An excellent source for parents, caregivers and teachers. This book explains the problem that many children have with reading and responding to social situations with peers and adults.



The Special - Needs Reading List - An Annotated Guide to the Best Publications for Parents and Professionals, by Wilma K. Sweeney, Woodbine, $18.95 ISBN # 0-933149-74-3. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who cares for or has interest in special needs. This book contains a listing of other books on a variety of learning challenges. There is also a listing of organizations and their addresses.

Straight Talk About Reading - How Parents Can Make A Difference During The early Years, by Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed. D., Contemporary Books, $12.95 ISBN # 0-8092-2857-2. For parents, nannies and caregivers of kindergartners through third graders who are having trouble reading and grasping the fundamentals of reading. A parent whose child had problems with reading writes this book. It is a very explanatory book, well-written and easy to grasp.


Gibbs, Nancy. " The Age of Ritalin" TIME 30 November 1998 86-96. This article discusses the pros and cons of using Ritalin. Wallis,Claudia. " Life in Overdrive" TIME 18 July 1994 42-50. An Article about Attention Deficit Disorder. Many topics are looked at and discussed.



Silverman, Linda Kreger. " How Parents Can Support Gifted Children"
Parenthood 6 pp. 4 May 2001



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